We are a non-profit that sells Montessori school supplies, hand- Made by Montessori Students

Hands To Hands is a non-profit that supports Montessori education through the sale of quality, handcrafted Montessori school supplies. Our goal is to give back to the Montessori schools that have given so much to us.

Best Sellers

All of our products are hand-made by Montessori student volunteers. The proceeds from the sale of our products are given back to Montessori schools. Every purchase supports the growth of quality education. 

Who are our products for?

Who are our products for?

Montessori Educators

Our products are perfect for Montessori classroom supplies, Montessori milestone gifts, and Montessori teaching materials. Learn how we partner with Montessori schools here. 

Montessori Families

Montessori Families seeking unique, mission-based gifts can give back by purchasing any of our Montessori classroom supplies or products.

Mission-based Consumers

Whether or not you have a child in a Montessori school does not matter. Anyone wishing to purchase unique, mission-based products can look no further!

We give back to montessori

Hands To Hands is a non-profit that supports Montessori education through the sale of quality, handcrafted products.  Our products are designed and created by students, parents, and educators who believe in the Montessori method as a means to create an educational foundation based on sound values, clear and relevant objectives, holistic learning, and education for peace.

We believe a solid educational foundation significantly alters the lives of children, families, and communities. Our mission is to support quality education and those who strive to provide it through the sale of Montessori classroom supplies & products.

our circular Ecosystem model

Our goal is to give back to the Montessori schools that have given so much to us and our children. Our products create connection beyond the school campus by supporting the growth of quality education, by changing communities, by effecting lives, and by striving for peace.


Montessori students handcraft products

Montessorians of all ages volunteer to use their hands to create unique products using various art media. This opportunity promotes creativity, collaboration, visual art skill development, as well as providing introduction to non-profit business. Students enjoy being part of a team with a focus beyond the borders of their life.


Montessori schools purchase the products

When Montessori schools purchase the products, the hands of students use the products in their everyday work.  While the students may not realize the products were handmade by other Montessorians, the adults can share the story behind each item extending into the language, geography, and grace and courtesy curriculums.


profits are given back to montessori

Montessori education is growing and strengthening around the world.  However, many programs are in need of quality materials, supplies, furniture, facilities, and teacher training.  Annually, we support a program in need of assistance by putting the profit of our sales directly into their hands.

Want to get involved?

Want to Get involved?

We are always seeking volunteers to assist us in our mission to support Montessori education.  Whether you are a current Montessori student, an educator, a parent, or simply a person looking to support a cause, we would be thrilled to be in touch and begin the process of discovering how you can become part of our organization.

Does your school have a wood shop?  Or are you a woodworker?  We are looking for items made from wood; like spoons for spooning work and trays for carrying Practical Life materials.  Do you enjoy sewing?  Consider making mystery bags or pouches, child-sized placemats and napkins, or child-sized aprons.  Interested in teaching a skill?  You may consider organizing Adolescent students and teaching them how to sew classroom materials.  Do you crochet?  Are you in to weaving?   The product options are endless which makes this volunteer opportunity exciting, creative, and fulfilling.